I hold a professional and accredited qualification in NLP.

Neuro - pertains to your neurological system, the mind. On the basis that you experience the world through your senses and then your sensory information is translated into thought processes. 

Linguistic - refers to the way in which you make sense of your world through your language, which represents your ideas and communication experiences.

Programming - deals with how you represent your experiences. Internal thinking patterns are representatives of your internal processes, cognitive understandings and strategies that you use to make decisions, solve problems, learn, evaluate and get results.

NLP has its roots in modern psychology, and is based on the idea that as individuals, we view the world according to our own ‘subjective reality’.

By better understanding all three elements of our reality, we are better able to control and manage our own behaviour, and empathise with others, to achieve better outcomes.  

NLP offers a range of possibilities and we will work on these issues together so you can become more aware of your own personal development, gain more insight into your behaviour and enhance your quality of life.